Worth Reading: ‘Lars Man Standing’

Mark Steyn (@MarkSteynOnline) updates us on the free speech case of Lars Hedegaard, head of the Danish Free Speech Society and his recent acquittal.

Some background, courtesy of Diane West:

Lars was convicted of “[issuing] a pronouncement or other communication by which a group of persons are threatened, insulted or denigrated due to their race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.” That he committed this “crime” in the privacy of his own home during a Christmas Day luncheon conversation is an extra icicle on this completely chilling verdict.

Unbeknownst to Hedegaard and without his permission, his remarks, which concerned the incidence of family rape in Islam, were recorded and later uploaded to the Internet. This saved him from a guilty verdict in his first trial in a lower court because 266b also requires intent to make “pronouncements” public. But, as his Danish Free Press Society colleague, Katrine Winkel Holm writes in an email today, “The prosecutor appealed the verdict to the Eastern Regional Court, which today claimed that Hedegaard knew his statements would be published.”

But, despite Friday’s verdict by the, Danish Supreme Court overturning his conviction, the astonishing thing is that a law like this exists on the books of a civilized Western society at all.

From Steyn’s post on NRO’s Corner:

Well, it’s dangerous to be Lars Hedegaard, or Lars Vilks, or Geert Wilders or Ayaan Hirsi Ali – while there’s surely nothing safer than peddling “dangerous” “edgy” cobwebbed multiculti pieties and knowing that, whatever words you utter, there will never come a day when you’ll be called on to bet your house and your savings and perhaps your life on them. In some of the oldest free societies on the planet, a few guys like Lars Hedegaard are doing the heavy lifting for all of us, and paying a very high price.

Worth reading.



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