Restaurant Review: Bin Wine Bar

The view towards Mears Park in Bin Wine Bar | Photo via
The view towards Mears Park in Bin Wine Bar | Photo via

Saint Paul, Minnesota: Bin Wine Bar is in a great spot, nicely decorated, comfortably furnished and serves exquisitely delicious morsels of food that complement an intriguing wine list.

Set on the northwest corner of Mears Park, Bin is perfectly situated in the heart of a resurgent section of downtown, an area that has sprung to life over just the last few years.  The room is perched on Sibley Street and offers a relaxing setting with pillowed benches, decent space between tables, and a noise level that makes it easy to have conversation with your friends.

The wine list has a good assortment of wines and and offers an appealing ‘taste’ serving at a modest price offering an opportunity to create your own tasting without spending too much or ordering too much.  Unfortunately, though carefully selected, the list is too assorted and doesn’t offer the depth of choice that would allow a person to take advantage of their tasting servings. I was in the mood to compare some varietals – say, three or four Malbecs perhaps –  but the selection was shallow to make a self-selected tasting easy to do or worth trying.

The food is delicious and carefully prepared.  We shared a few plates at our table starting with a selection of charcuterie and cheeses, along with an order of calamari.  The calamari, that staple of restaurant appetizers and was satisfying but otherwise unremarkable.  The regional cheeses were particularly good.

The menu is eclectic. Burgers and fish and wings and tacos, with several of the items having an unexpected southwestern twist.  We shared the evening’s special – a delicious plate of plantains and shrimp which was hot and flavorful with a crisp, spicy edge to it.

The strength of the menu was its appetizers. The entree portions were a bit too small, just slightly unsatisfying but the prices are reasonable and everything we had was delicious.  This is a great place to start an evening out.

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