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Chrystia Freeland on ‘Apple Authoritarianism’

Saint Paul, MN – Chrystia Freeland has an excellent piece on this morning highlighting the “paradox” of “catch up development” in the modern age.

Citing Daron Acemoglu, an economist at MIT, she argues that “[G]lobalization and the technology revolution mean that China‚Äôs authoritarian rulers have been able to deliver strong economic growth without read more »

About Town Musings

Cool places on West 7th

Great to see a number of new, vibrant, and smartly-sophisticated businesses on West 7th, west of Smith Ave – especially in recent months.

One new place is Claddagh Coffee. Clean, bright, great service, and a nice hangout vibe. I’ll go out of my way to come back regularly.



Just One Last Thing…

We were sad to learn of the death this week of Peter Falk who, among his many roles, intrigued the young Observer on Sunday nights as the frumpled-but-shrewd Columbo, added an understated element to The Princess Bride, and served as a fascinating narrative anchor in the under-appreciated Wings of Desire.

Requiescat in pace.