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Presidential Election, Benghazi, and Power Shift in China

The Election – Michael Barone sums up the 2012 Presidential Election and predicts a Romney win. Agree or disagree, Barone is the undisputed authority on the American electoral system and has total command of its minutiae. “Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily

Benghazi – Posted a few weeks ago in National Review, this Mark Steyn piece picks apart the underlying issues – both political and geostrategical – surrounding the Benghazi attack and its consequences.

“Diplomatic facilities are U.S. sovereign territory — no different de jure from Fifth Avenue or Mount Rushmore. So defending them is one of the core responsibilities of the state. But that’s the funny thing about Big Government: The bigger it gets, the more of life it swallows up, the worse it gets at those very few things it’s supposed to be doing.” read more »