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Speedboat Wins Line Honors in 2008 Newport-Bermuda

Although it’s a terrific sport, it’s not difficult to see why sailing hasn’t become a widespread spectator favorite.  ‘Monday Night Sailing’ is something that holds more appeal for an active participant than it does as as a concept to pitch to a network executive. That is to say, often the things that make something fun and challlenging to do make it terrible to watch and vice-versa. The corollary ‘sport’ might be NASCAR.

There are a few reasons for this.  For one thing, it doesn’t start or finish quickly so a person needs to pay attention in order to discover and understand the drama of the event.  For another, there are many, complex rules some understanding of which is required to know what’s happening.

Finally, there’s plenty of math involved.  The boat that’s first over the finish line – the one that takes ‘line honors’ – is not necessarily the winner.  There are several divisions and classes – boats grouped in some fashion for scoring purposes – and the winner of a division is determined by various things including the dimensions of the boat and whether they broke any rules along the way. Oh, and there are two scoring methods used.

The 2008 Newport-Bermuda Race was a pleasant, though perhaps not historically noteworthy, event. It was well-run, had nearly record-level participation, and the gloriously beautiful weather would have made this a memorable running except for one thing – the wind.

Thwarted by strong breezes directly out of the south, Alex Jackson’s Speedboat was prevented from breaking any course records as it took line honors.  The yacht crossed the finish line near St David’s Lighthouse at 5am EDT Monday, June 23, several hours ahead of Il Mosto, its nearest competitor.

Winner of this year’s St David’s Lighthouse Trophy was Sinn Fein, a Cal 40 captained by Peter Rebovich who won with a corrected time (see what I mean?) of 100 hours, 13 minutes and 44 seconds, 25 hours ahead of Selkie.

The Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse Trophy was awarded to Capt Julien Dougherty of the 37-footer Tenacious with a corrected time of 107:01:26.